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Upset with low salary, Sambit Patra leaves Republic TV to join BJP as full-time spokesperson

08, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar


Dubbed as a permanent fixture on news debates, Sambit has been hopping across newsrooms to represent BJP, which has led to some anxious moments for his family. There was a thought of lodging a missing person complaint at the local police station. But then someone suggested that we check out the local news studio.


“We don’t get to see him for weeks. Sometimes he doesn’t pick up our calls. So we thought of coming to the news studio to get a glimpse. His aunt has even prepared his favorite dish, which hopefully we will all sit together and have,” said a cousin.

But today, Republic got a shocker from Sambit when he decided to leave Republic TV and work for BJP full time. He was spending a lot of time in the Republic studio and people thought that he has been working for them, but Sambit was upset with the salary and claimed that he has worked pretty hard and deserves more perks. He took the drastic step of working for BJP and will be the full-time spokesperson of the BJP at least till the elections.

Republic senior management is trying hard to convince Sambit to take back his resignation letter and also start coming to office from tomorrow. Republic TV has also started the hunt for the next Sambit, they have released the job profile of debate panelist with qualities of Sambit mentioned in the criteria section. Qualities to shout, qualities of interrupting when a guest is speaking, working overtime during elections, and also to give funny replies to any question to make the atmosphere lighter.