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Upset with not being invited for Ranveer Deepika wedding, news anchor Rahul Kanwal recreates the wedding ceremony inside news studio

14, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

Popular face on news channel Rahul Kanwal who just a few days back recreated  the encounter between maoists and CRPF jawans, today went ahead and solemnized a recreation of Ranveer Deepika wedding.

Sources say that Rahul was upset at not being invited for the wedding so he did what he does best; decorate the entire newsroom to resemble Lake Como in Italy.

“I will make my own wedding venue and I will attend it myself,” he said during a meeting with senior editors.

Around 20 kg of flowers, decoration material and food was ordered and invites were sent overnight for this recreation.

Sahab kal raat se decoration me laga hai. Soya bhi nahi,” revealed a security guard at the news studio.

Rahul also conducted the sangeet ceremony with him playing both Ranveer and Deepika’s part and danced to popular Bollywood numbers.

Colleagues of the news anchor say that both South-Indian and Sindhi style wedding will be performed in the news studio.

Armed with a mic and a cameraman to shoot, Rahul was seen going around the recreated wedding venue reporting the details of the event.

With the couple planning for multiple receptions for friends and Bollywood fraternity, Rahul said that he might do a simulation of the reception too.

When questioned if he had any plans for the couple’s honeymoon too, the news anchor replied in negative.