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Vellas in Varanasi divide themselves as Modi and Kejriwal supporters to come on TV

25, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Varanasi. The possible clash between Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal in upcoming Lok Sabha elections is generating huge media interest in Varanasi, pushing some local residents to rise to the occasion.

In a bid to cash in on this media wave and get their attention, a group of lukhhas and jobless people have divided and disguised themselves as Modi and Kejriwal supporters, and are seen hanging around TV cameras voicing their support for the respected respective leaders.

Not to be left out, many people from the city, who had migrated to places like Mumbai, Delhi, or even Manhattan for better prospects, are now wondering if they made a mistake by leaving the city.

“Since it is being given so much focus, there must have been some drastic change in its condition and infrastructure ever since I left the city a couple of weeks back,” said a man who regrets underestimating his city and migrating to Delhi. He is now back with his friends.

Jobless people in India
Getting ready to get their 2 minutes of fame.

Saala I went to Mumbai to do some drama in the films when all the drama is happening right in my city,” said another man, who was posing as an AAP supporter.

Experts feel that this reverse exodus was inevitable following the amount of attention media was giving to Varanasi, as if Nadella was born here.

“The people of Varanasi, especially the youth, want their 2 minutes of fame which they failed to get so far as MTV Roadies has not come here for auditions yet,” an expert explained the reason of craze among people.

Yeh banaras hai, ladka saala yahan bhi halla na kiya toh aur kahan karega,” he added.

The plan of these vella people was exposed when one of the presumed passionate supporters was caught looking into the camera and saying “Vote for Lalit Modi”.

It was also found later that nearly all of them had not even got their voter ID cards made, while they kept talking about voting for Modi and Kejriwal when talking to the media.

Meanwhile Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav is planning to cite this sudden influx of people back into the city as an example reverse migration due to development and job opportunities, putting Varanasi ahead of Gujarat.