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After Vikram lander, Chennai techie to find Dawood's location in Pakistan

03, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Chennai techie who managed to locate the debris of Vikram lander on moon has been roped in by intelligence agencies to locate Dawood in Pakistan. The presence of debris was confirmed by NASA and has raised the hopes of security agencies in India, who are now training their guns on the most wanted criminal.


The revelation was made by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh today, who asserted that the fugitive don’s days were numbered. “Mai kadi ninda karta hu aur ye ashwashan deta hu ki hum Dawood ko bharat lekar aayenge. If we can locate the debris then Dawood is a piece of cake. We are coordinating with intelligence agencies for sharing information. With the help of satellite images we will narrow down his location and this time it will be more than a surgical strike,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

The news about Dawood came as a surprise to many in the media who were under the impression that the don’s name wouldn’t be mentioned before the next General Elections in 2024.

“Topics around Dawood are usually reserved for election season. Nobody talks about him once the elections are done. But if the Home Minsiter says so, they may have a plan to get him back. Since this news has come at a very short notice, we may have to re-purpose our old footage and templates. You know the usual ‘Dawood ki khair nahin’ types,” said the Editor-in-Chief of Kal Tak.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has maintained that the blast accused is not on its soil and India it is yet another attempt by India to vilify its neighbor.