Whatsapp admins who actively share 'cures for coronavirus' in their group to be honored by Govt with Phd degree

31, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

There is some good news for Whatsapp admins who are actively sharing coronavirus cures in their groups.

Govt is now planning to honor the contribution of these silent warriors in the fight against covid-19.

A senior Govt official today revealed that Whatsapp admins from the across the country have been identified and will be honored by the PM himself. And it won’t be clapping for 5 minutes at 5pm on Sunday.

“Even before the virus made its presence felt in the country, many admins and members have been actively sharing cures for the disease in their groups. From drinking haldi ka doodh to eating more oranges, these admins have ensured that group members are up-to-date with the latest cures in the Whatsapp Institute of Medical Science. These unsung heroes need to be honored. And that is why we are planning to give them a Phd degree,” revealed a highly placed Govt official.

“Some of them could even be sent abroad for further research in the subject,” the official added.

Admins need to send a copy of their group chat where they have shared these cures with group members.

A team of medical professionals will then review the messages and decide on whether the Phd should be awarded or not.

The news was welcomed by admin community across the country. “It used to be a thankless job, but not anymore. Now I can have the two coveted letters ‘Dr’ before my name. But let me assure you that I will continue sharing unverified and unsolicited medical remedies on Whatsapp. As a responsible citizen it is my duty to share whatever coronavirus cure my mind can think of,” remarked a Whatsapp admin who didnt wish to be named.