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With no big news from Kejriwal, Laloo and Arnab people look for alternate entertainment sources

17, Sep 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Politics of entertainment and fun often being called “Politainment”, came into the lives of Indian masses and got them addicted. Interests weaned away from cricket, reality shows lost their sheen and Bollywood movies tanked back to back as the game of politics commanded supreme interest and TRPs from entertainment hungry masses. But during the past few days the “Politainment” wave is losing steam.

Arnab getting nostalgic about the good old days
Arnab getting nostalgic about the good old days

In a recent internal survey done by an anonymous agency it is being claimed that people are now looking at new entertainment sources. Although people are still searching internet for entertainment keywords such as Kejriwal, Ashu, Crocs, AAP, Laloo, Arnab, Sonic-boom etc but they are not staying on the news pages for more than 7 seconds, due to lack of fresh content.

Hiran Kashyap a class 12th student told our reporter, “I and my live-in girlfriend used to have fights every evening. I wanted to watch news on Kejriwal for entertainment and she wanted to watch Arnab’s shows. We were on a verge of break-up, due to daily conflict. But these days nothing new is coming up, so I let her watch some god-forsaken reality shows where a couple stays in the house and their moves are filmed and telecasted. Pat sach kahu In sab shows mein wo maza nahi jo AAP ki prime-time news mein hai.

Mahisha Surana a psychology honors student also echoed similar views and said,  “When big boss ended, people felt a void. Many felt extreme withdrawal symptoms. We all missed the cribbing and fighting. Same thing is happening with “politainment” programs now. Since the continuous news coverage on AAP and Bihar has gone a bit down, people are again feeling those voids. Ashu crying on national television, Arnab screaming for utmost stupid reasons, Kejriwal sleeping on the road wearing a muffler, Laloo making joke of serious national issue, where is all that? I really hope these entertainers bounce back with their antics or the entertainment-starved masses will again go back to Cricket and Saas bahu. Which would be the saddest thing that would have happened to this country in recent times.”