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Without Arnab's noisehour, farmers are struggling to stop wild animals straying into their fields

01, Apr 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: It has been more than hundred days since Arnab Goswami has left TimesNow. There are so many people in the street who are still missing the man and his high decibel action every day.


A recent study shows of all the people it is the farmers who have suffered the most after Arnab stopped anchoring noisehour. The farmers were using the noise from Arnab’s show efficiently to stop wild animals straying into their fields during night time.

“These new anchors are really disappointing, they cannot create any buzz,” said Nagaraj, a farmer who is struggling to protect his crops in post-Arnab era.

Nagaraj shared his experience how he came to know ‘usefulness’ of noisehour for the first time. He said, “Sir, being a farmer I had to work hard throughout the day to make ends meet. On top of it I have to be alert through the night so that these wild animals do not destroy my hard earned crop. To keep ourselves awake, me and my friends will play cards at night, after some time got bored, so we pooled some money and bought a second hand TV with cable connection.”

Nagaraj added, “TV became a nuisance & counterproductive for us. We would be busy watching latest latka jhatka of Bollywood songs, in the meantime these animals would have happily destroyed our fields in minutes. Accidentally one day while surfing, we stopped by a channel where we saw some fifteen to twenty people creating lot of noise. All were nicely dressed, especially the man in the center with a black coat whom all will be calling Arnab, Arnab and he would be stopping them, shouting at them. We noticed when the show is running, not a single animal came near our fields, they will run away as soon as they hear the noise.”

“Now in last three months our life is back to square one. After beating drums through the night to scare the wild animals, we will have no energy to work next day,” said Nagaraj with a sad tone.

To make Nagaraj happy, we told Arnab has already started his ‘riyaz’ and soon you will see him in a new channel called Republic.