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Youtuber refuses to take pheras on wedding day till every guest Subscribes to his channel and presses the Bell icon

25, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

Guests at a wedding in Delhi were in for a surprise after the groom put a sudden halt to the wedding proceedings. Apparently the Youtuber groom wanted every guest to subscribe to his channel and press the Bell icon.


Tribhuvan Balm, who had recently started his own channel on Youtube was bit concerned that though his videos got a lot of view, not many subscribed to his channel. In a desperate attempt to get more subscribers, he stopped the pheras and asked every guest to whip out their smartphone and do the needful.

“We almost felt like we were hostage. I resisted initially. How can I can subscribe without watching his video. Bank me kaam karta hu. Bina documents dekhe account open nahi karta,” said a guest related to the brides family.

Others relented without putting up any fight. “Shaadi me phere dekhne kaun aata hai. I am just waiting for the food stall to open. Need to be the first one in line else all the paneer from mutter-paneer will disappear,” said another.

TB, as his friends called him, were quite taken aback by his obsession with becoming a social media star. “I have known him from out Mechnical Engg days. He was an attention seeker back then too. But I thought he would have changed by now,” said a friend.

One of TB’s friend even questioned his credentials. “What kind of mech engineer is stressed out about subscribers on his wedding day. I remember on my wedding day all I had in mind was honeymoon,” he said.

Family inisders say that such is the grooms obsession with his Youtube channel that he has asked the brides family for 10lakh subscribers as dahej.