Zee News preparing to drop a Nuclear Bomb on Delhi if AAP wins

10, Feb 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Delhi assembly elections have finally ended and the nation wants to know the results, which will come out tomorrow, 11th of February.

While AAP is confident of a sweep, and BJP is hoping the late voting surge works in their favour, and Congress is watching Malang and Shikara in cinema halls, Zee News remains the most anxious about the results.


Once Exit Polls came out showing a return to power for AAP, Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary launched a tirade against Delhi voters calling them all sorts of names. Now, as per highly placed sources in Zee News, Sudhir Chaudhary is planning to teach a lesson to Delhi residents if the actual results do go down the same path as exit polls. Sources reveal that Zee News is in the process of procuring a Nuclear Bomb which will be used to Nuke Delhi if they do re-elect AAP.

Speaking to Faking News, our source said, “Ever since he looked at the exit polls, Sudhir Sir has become like Bane and equating Delhi to Gotham all the time. He thinks Delhi has become rotten to the core and the only solution is to level this place to the ground and then rebuild from scratch. Joker’s win at the Oscars didn’t help as it again reminded him of Gotham and further intensified his rage.”

“The plan is to get a Nuke from Pakistan, Sir has developed good relations there after years of coverage on Pakistan to cover Indian Economy. The challenge is to smuggle it into India but Sudhir Sir is very resourceful, he smuggles in entire Pakistan into the debate while talking about a Cyclone in bay of Bengal so surely he can manage this”, our source added.

Meanwhile, BJP President JP Nadda was heard asking Amit Shah about this man on Zee News who is more upset than them at the prospect of a BJP loss.