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11 reasons why it’s awesome to drink water when you are thirsty

08, Jun 2015 By  Shashi Mukherjee

Mumbai: Having got inspired from the nation's biggest reason givers, teachers and storytellers ScoopWhoop and Storypick, our team of Faking News comes up with it's first reason-giving post - "11 reasons why it's awesome to drink water when you are thirsty". Newly recruited Faking News blogger 'Ekauraimless Engineer' gave the following reasons: 1-Because now I am accustomed to writing shit 2-Because my boss told me to write something anyhow 3-Because writing crap gets me some bucks 4-Because trending online makes me special among friends and family 5-Because they say I am a part of India's fastest-growing online revolution. Big words! Ah! 6-Because I had violated many deadlines before, and now there's no escape 7-Because I am an engineer and can stretch anything without logic for any number of marks 8-Because I get to download hell lot of bhajans during work at this office 9-Because this is just another crappy point 10-Because... hey wait... because drinking water is actually awesome when you're thirsty 11-Because if you like and share this post, I get to write again

Shashi Mukherjee