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5 scenarios where call drops and poor network quality come to the rescue

09, Jun 2015 By  @jurnoleast

Anyone who has ever used a mobile phone will agree that though it makes our lives easier, at times it can get frustrating. Ever been in a situation when you are having an important conversation and the voice of the person on the other side is constantly breaking or when you are watching a video and it keeps buffering. Before you start ranting about how telecom companies are fleecing their customers in the name of service, lets look at the positive side. Some scenarios where call drops and poor signal quality is a boon. 1-Telemarketing Calls Is there an app that can identify telemarketing calls. 2-When guys want to be fraands with you A woman will jump off a cliff but not share her number with someone she is not comfortable with. But there are times when you don’t have the luxury of being curt. At such times, call drops come to the rescue. 3-Freedom from uncle and aunts who invade your personal space 4-When you don’t wish to answer certain questions 5- When you want to avoid the media