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5 Things that Raghuram Rajan should do to prove his ‘Indianness’ to Swamy

18, May 2016 By  @jurnoleast

The RBI Governor’s ‘My name is Raghuram Rajan, I do what I do’ may have gone down well with fans of the central banker. But Subramaniam Swamy is definitely not impressed and thinks that Mr. Rajan is not ‘mentally Indian’. What should our Governor do to show that he is truly an Indian at heart. So here are 5 things that Raghuram Rajan should do prove his Indianness to Subramaniam Swamy. 1- Squeeze the toothpaste tube with a rolling pin and make it last for an extra month 2- Ask for extra Paani-Puri 3- Eat paan and spit it like no ones watching 4- Peeing in public and finally 5- Throw your weight around