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6 things BCCI is thinking to attract saas-bahu audience to IPL

02, May 2016 By  @jurnoleast

It’s that time in the life cycle of an IPL season when the fatigue factor sets in and the TRP’s start to fall. In a bid to stop the fall, desperate BCCI officials are not looking to attract an entirely different section of audience, those who have been IPL averse since its inception. Apparently, BCCI is now looking to attract those who are regular viewers of saas-bahu serials. In a letter to all team managers and players, BCCI Chief Shashank Manohar asked them understand the need of the hour. So here are 6 things that BCCI is planning. 1- More fights on the ground, just like backstabbing in serials 2- Makeup and Jewelry like the ones worn by TV stars 3- Jarring camera effects and close shots during third umpire decision 4- Two or more matches to be combined to have a 'Maha-match' just like two serials are combined for 'Maha-Episode' 5- Random weddings during strategic time out 6-IPL parivar awards