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After Bigg Boss, Swami Agnivesh gets ready for MTV Roadies

08, Nov 2011 By  Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Before making his entry into the television reality show Bigg Boss, social activist Swami Agnivesh was seen riding a bike in the streets of Mumbai. Experts believe that Agnivesh could soon star in the next season of MTV Roadies to bring about social change and educate country’s youth. While Swami Agnivesh refused to comment on the rumors, he hinted that he was not averse to participating in MTV Roadies. “The way they ride bikes and abuse each other is not worse than the way our politicians ride rath and indulge in race to the kursi (chair),” Swami Agnivesh told Faking News in an exclusive interview, “I watched some episodes of the show and I really liked the idea. I will try to convince them to host this show in Bastar or Dantewada, where driving bikes is really tough.” The saffron clad Swami also praised the bald twins Raghu and Rajiv for conducting thought provoking interviews of youth, which can bring real change to the society. He also advised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to take part in the show along with him to understand the problems of real India. “Raghu and Rajiv symbolizes the two Indias Rahulji always talks about,” Agnivesh claimed. Rahul Gandhi, who had earlier rode a bike in Bhatta Parsaul village in Uttar Pradesh, refused to comment over Swami Agnivesh’s claims, but union minister Kapil Sibal says that he is in touch with Swami on phone and will soon come up with a statement.

Pagal Patrakar