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After higher salaries, should our MPs get private escorts?

22, Aug 2010 By  Pagal Patrakar

So a higher salary could curb corruption among our leaders? Well, some people think it will at least give them a chance to be honest, even though most of the corrupt to the core guys have been stinking rich already. But fine, maybe it will curb corruption. Then why not also give our leaders some private escorts so that… this week’s Sunday Magazine makes a point. On a serious note, I’m not against higher salaries to a set of people who are supposed to be our leaders and representatives. They number just 543 out of a country of more than a billion. Which means each MP is literally someone, who is that proverbial ‘one in a million’ person, and hence deserves a salary that is commensurate with his or her ‘value’ and ‘worth’. After all, in our country, there must be thousands of CEOs, VPs, Chairmen, and other people holding such fancy designations that attract astronomical salaries, and our society doesn’t really object to that. In fact, we marvel at them and aspire to be one of them. Then why begrudge some benefits to these one in millions guys? Why not give them that social and financial status and then aspire to be one of them? That way politics could also attract ‘good’ people, no? The answer is ‘the value of one’s performance and worth of the outcome’ of that performance. Those fancy CEOs at least create some wealth for their organizations, and hence pocket away that kind of compensation for their efforts. But what do our MPs do? Forget wealth in terms of cash, how many of our MPs could claim to have created even any ‘notional wealth’ in their constituencies, say in terms of general feeling of prosperity and contentment among the masses? I wish we could have a formula (and it would not be a rocket science to develop one) to calculate the real and notional wealth an MP can create over a period of time. If they could create some in their constituencies, I’d love to see the MPs take home a salary that is many times higher than what they have currently got after disrupting the parliament. Earlier in March this year, in an interview to the website blogadda, I had favored legalization of corruption for the same reason when I wished to read this headline in papers - “Bribery to be regularized. MPs and bureaucrats can officially take 10% success fee from corporates”. So respected Netaji, why just 50k, take home a salary of 50lakhs per month, seriously, but please, for doing some genuine work, not for being just a fucking MP.

Pagal Patrakar