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BJP releases pics revealing friendship between Modi and many Congress leaders including Ahmed Patel

03, May 2014 By  idiot420

Delhi. After Sonia Gandhi's political secretary Ahmed Patel rejected Modi's claims of closeness between them, BJP has released a series of photos supporting their PM candidate's assertion. The sensational pics not only show Modi hanging out with Ahmed Patel but with other prominent Congress leaders too. BJP revelation has left whole Congress party baffled and they are planning to sue Modi for engineering a conspiracy to defame and to destroy their secular image. Many secular Congress leaders, who were not present in the pictures, are in a state of panic. “I can't sleep properly at night. Who knows, maybe I am his next target. He might call me his old friend,” confessed a perplexed veteran Congressman. Sources tell Faking News that many other Congress leaders are expected to issue advance statements, as a precautionary measure, declaring that they have no links to Modi. Another close aide of Sonia Gandhi went on claiming that he has not even heard of Narendra Modi in his life before. Here are the pics released by BJP :