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Comprehensive list of things you can make fun of in India without offending anyone

06, Apr 2016 By  Sandeep Kadian

It is hard to make a joke about anything in India without offending a Million people at best and over a Billion at worst. Whether you are a superstar like Hrithik Roshan or an app like Yatra, when you make a joke, you will inevitably offend people here. So to make things easier for everyone, we have put together a comprehensive list of topics you can joke about without offending anyone. Read, memorize, save yourself some trouble. 1. Ashok Dinda's jump- Now we don't know why it is funny but apparently it is and nobody gets offended when you laugh about it. 2. Ashish Nehra's teeth- Before there was Nehra Ji, there were Nehra teeth. 3. Shahid Afridi's age/retirement- Shahid Afridi was right about one thing, he does have a lot of fans in India. However, none of them gets offended when you make jokes about his age or his innumerable retirements. 4. Uday Chopra's career- Star of superhits like Mohabbatein, Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Dhoom 3 and a Multi-Millionaire, Uday Chopra. You can make jokes on Uday Chopra's career and even the man himself won't get offended. 5. Himesh Reshammiya (The Actor)- Many jokes around his nasal singing too but he did give many superhit songs and some of his fans may get offended. However, when it comes to his acting, most common reaction of the viewers is depicted by Himesh himself in the image below. Totally safe to make jokes around it. 6. RGV Ki Aag- The classic by Ram Gopal Verma that set the benchmark for bad films in Bollywood. Nothing better has been made before or since. Nothing safer in India to make a joke on. 7. Bangalore traffic- Another 100% safe topic. An image below from a day when roads were relatively empty explains it all. 8. Internet Explorer- The browser most of us used to download Chrome and Firefox. Legendary speed of Internet Explorer is so legendary that even a tortoise looks like Usain Bolt in front of it. Hardly surprising that many Government websites open only in Internet Explorer. 9. KRK- Well, what can we say about him. Forget getting offended, if you make a joke on him, he will take it as a badge of honour and tweet it himself. It is absolutely impossible to offend anyone by making jokes on KRK 10. Love life of Engineers (Or lack of it)- While anything around Engineers is fair game, this one is highlighted because it hits very close to home and still no engineer gets offended about it. Some get sad, but never offended.

Sandeep Kadian