Friday Faking Release: Chalo Dilli (*ing Mamata Banerjee, Special appearance- Arvind Kejriwal)

02, Dec 2016 By  Sandeep Kadian

Mamata Banerjee has taken the lead in criticising PM Narendra Modi and the NDA Government over demonetisation. As she emerges as the face of the opposition, she also dropped hints that she is preparing to make a bid for the PM post in 2019. She seems to have gained at least 1 ally as well in Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. Will Mamata Di reach Delhi in 2019, will she manage the magic mark of 272 or will the "3rd front" again fall apart because every MP wants to become a PM there? To find out, watch our Friday Release: Chalo Dilli  

Sandeep Kadian