Friday Faking Release: Dalaal (*ing Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi)

07, Oct 2016 By  Sandeep Kadian

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi accused PM Narendra Modi of doing Khoon Ki Dalaali over the surgical strikes conducted across LoC after the Uri terror attack. The statement created a political storm and started a string of press conferences. Amit Shah responded to the comment in a press conference, Kapil Sibal responded to Amith Shah's press conference in a press conference, RS Prasad responded to Kapil Sibal's press conference on Amit Shah's press conference in his press conference. Where will this argument go from here, who will hold the next press conference, will there be any end to the press conferences, to find out, watch our Friday Faking Release: Dalaal  

Sandeep Kadian