Friday Faking Release: Elaan-E-Jung (*ing Panneerselvam, Sasikala)

10, Feb 2017 By  Sandeep Kadian

Everyone expected O Panneerselvam to make way quietly for Sasikala after submitting his resignation. However, things took a dramatic turn when Panneerselvam rebelled after meditating at Jayalalitha's resting place. It is a full blown war now and Sasikala is keeping all the MLAs locked up to ensure they don't switch over to Panneerselvam's side. Will this rebellion result in glorious victory for Panneerselvam or will it have a tragic end, will the MLAs finally be able to get out of the resort, will the Delhi media be able to sustain its interest in Tamil Nadu, to find out the answers, watch our Friday Faking Release: Elaan-E-Jung  

Sandeep Kadian