Sunday, 5th April, 2020


Friday Faking Release: The Peacemaker (*ing Dr. Zakir Naik as MSP - Messenger of Peace)

08, Jul 2016 By  @jurnoleast

In this week's Friday Faking release watch Dr. Zakir Naik as he plays the Messenger of Peace, trying his best to deal with all that is wrong with humanity and takes on the responsibility of The Peacemaker. But the road to peace is paved with several potholes. One such pothole called Arnab, who has through his debates tried to undermine Dr. Zakir's peace efforts. Will Dr. Naik be able to spread his message? Will he be able to dodge the Hashtags thrown at him by Arnab? Watch the battle between the Peacemaker and the Peacebreaker in this weeks release.