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Google celebrates Karunanidhi’s birthday with special doodle

03, Jun 2010 By  Pagal Patrakar

Internet users of India, especially in Tamil Nadu, were pleasantly surprised to see a special logo of Google on their search homepage on Friday, which celebrated the 87th birthday of Dr. M Karunanidhi. Officials at Google today confirmed that their adapted logo, also called Google Doodle, was a modest tribute to Kalaignar, and they could soon launch a special search engine containing knols of Kalaignar thoughts. Google officials also confirmed that earlier they had rejected the following doodle, which was supposed to convey that Dr. Karunanidhi’s party DMK was responsible for bringing 2G spectrum in India that helped internet grow fast in its first phase. But later they shelved the idea in favor of the Kalaignar doodle as 2G spectrum allocation was marred in controversies.

Pagal Patrakar