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How Maggi can script a comeback

05, Jun 2015 By  @jurnoleast

All is not lost for the brand. Here are a few ways in which it can regain its glory. Ask Switzerland not to reveal more names related to black money Clearly Switzerland has ruffled some feathers after it revealed names of black money holders. Some analysts say the entire Maggi fiasco is a direct consequence of black money revelations by Swiss authorities. Some in India are trying to take the revenge for loss of reputation: Ayurvedic Maggi 100% free from Lead and MSG and all other harmful ingredients. All natural ingredients chosen by Baba Ramdev himself: A visit to Swiss Alps 10 days Trip for officials in the health department and their families to Switzerland. It's no secret that if you keep the officials in the food and health department happy, there is no way you can be in trouble. Have nails? let's scratch each others' back. Dhoni can help turnaround a few things No one can handle pressure better than the Indian captain. He has completely changed the fortunes of many matches in the final over. Can he do it for Maggi? Create a panel of advisors A panel that consists of N Sreenivasan, Jayalalitha, Salman Khan and such other celebs and politicians who made a 'comeback' after temporary setback will reclaim all that is lost by the brand. When a panel like this brainstorms over ideas its not hard to imagine the kind of defense this panel can come up with. From Calculation mistake in Lead levels to Officials not qualified to test lab reports, there is no dearth of creativity.