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How to pretend you are a Game Of Thrones fan- In 10 simple steps

05, May 2016 By  banneditqueen

Do your friends ever have a conversation about how awesome Game of thrones is and you just nod along even though you’re not really sure what they’re talking about? Do you get annoyed by all the memes and Game of thrones related FB/WhatsApp messages but pretend to like them because everyone else likes them. Here is how you can quickly become a fan as well and join them. 1- Love Tyrion:  2. Change your phone's wallpaper to a Game Of Thrones Quote 3. Believe in a fan theory passionately 4. Talk about Jon Snow's return to life- FOREVER 5. Mourn every death on the show 6. From July onward, start sharing this meme 7. When your friends start discussing specifics of the show, start saying Hodor 8. Compare every bit of cruelty to the Red wedding 9. Pretend you don't care for nudity 10. Every Monday, crib about spoilers