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IPL review- The season so far

13, Apr 2016 By  Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 9th edition of IPL is well and truly underway now as every side has played 1 match each. While Rising Pune Super Giants lead the table at this early stage, Mumbai are at the bottom, a position eyed enviably by Delhi Daredevils. Here is the season in review so far for all the 8 sides involved. Mumbai Indians: As is the case with them every season, Mumbai Indians are still sleeping and will wake up after 4-5 matches. Rising Pune Super Giants: Having changed from the yellow of Chennai to the... the rainbow of Pune, MS Dhoni showed that he is still the Sultan of IPL. Even during the hectic IPL, He had time to go and meet reel life Sultan Salman Khan at his residence. Kings XI Punjab: After the exception of one good season in 2014, Kings XI showed that they are back to doing what they do best, make Preity Zinta pull her hair out of frustration. Gujarat Lions: The lions of Gujarat made every Gujju so proud that our Gujju PM Narendra Modi was seen carrying a miniature lion with him wherever he went. Delhi Daredevils: A picture is worth a thousand words. Rahul Dravid, the mentor of Delhi Daredevils after seeing the performance of his team. Kolkata Knightriders: KKR's superb win against Delhi made their owner SRK so happy that he started dancing on the roads of Delhi where he was busy promoting his upcoming film. Royal Challengers Bangalore: Universe boss Chris Gayle had a relaxed time and he could afford to relax as the other batsmen batted Hyderabad out of the match. Sunrisers Hyderabad: Match lost, Yuvraj and Nehra injured, so far, it is Sunset Hyderabad.

Sandeep Kadian