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Now Sri Lanka Cricket terms Yuvraj Singh as The Waterboy

04, Aug 2010 By  Pagal Patrakar

The ongoing India-Sri Lanka test series, which started on a friendly note with Indian batsmen helping Muralitharan reach the tally of 800 test wickets, has now started turning unfriendly. First Muralitharan called former Indian spinner Bishen Singh Bedi a controversy-monger and then some Sri Lankan fans called Yuvraj Singh ‘waterboy’. Now the Sri Lankan cricket board has also joined them in taunting the stylish Indian batsman. Sri Lanka cricket has released a poster of a to-be-produced movie “The Waterboy”, which is supposed to be a remake of a 1998 Adam Sandler movie of the same name. BCCI has objected strongly to this step by Sri Lanka Cricket and has asked all Indians to boycott the movie, but unfortunately Faking News had already signed an exclusive partnership to promote the movie by then. (P.S. - Someone mailed me to point out that a similar poster had appeared on the blog called "cricket with balls"; Coincidence! But since that particular post is dated a day earlier than my post, I'd rather give the credit to the concerned blogger jrod. Please visit the concerned post and see the poster here.)

Pagal Patrakar