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Pics: If Facebook was the official communication platform in offices

16, Jan 2015 By  indianpsycho

San Francisco: Facebook has recently decided to launch a leading social network tailored for getting jobs done in work places, called 'Facebook at Work'. Faking News brings to you a glimpse of how this version, currently in pilot phase, will work and some of its exclusive features. This is how you could see your 'outing plans' getting derailed. A faster and prompter way to apease boss and be in his good books. Here's how your notification tab might look like Log on to other websites at you own risk because the 'Facebook at work' will have special feature for bosses to view your online activity, once you are logged in. Any attempt to view a female colleague’s profile could be met with following response. And it's not day end till boss says so. And finally when you click at 'click here for salary rise'