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PICS: Why we can't have our own Desi Avengers

04, May 2015 By  @jurnoleast

Faking News tells you why Marvel will never make the mistake of creating desi Avengers in India. 1. Bollywood stars and their egos: For a movie like avengers you need all 3 Khans to make it a success but with their huge egos, this seems almost impossible. That leaves us with just one option which we would rather not exercise. 2. Our love for song and dance sequences: A Bollywood movie without song and dance has just 50% chance of being successful. But a superhero's credibility would be seriously dented if he did something like this.. 3. Political Interference: Just before the movie is to be released, political leaders will look for an opportunity to gain cheap publicity. 4.  Demand for reservation in Avengers squad by various politicians with vested interests would have deteriorated their quality 5.  Fixing: With such a large team in Indian context, there could always be that one mole in the team who sabotages the good work