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Sharad Pawar launches competitor – the quickest URL shortener

03, Sep 2011 By  @jurnoleast

Union Agriculture Minister of India, Sharad Pawar has launched his own URL shortening service which has been aptly named – a domain name registered in Argentina, where he is alleged to own a private football club. But Pawar has dismissed such allegations and claimed that by launching the URL shortener, he has tried to silence his critics who wondered how his assets could be only 12 crore rupees, as was declared by him earlier today. Mr. Pawar has claimed that just as a URL shortener ‘compresses’ the characters in the original URL but doesn’t “misrepresent the facts”, his declared assets were also just a compression of his real assets and didn’t amount to any misrepresentation. The ICC President also claimed that his URL shortener will soon leave behind popular services such as or Google’s