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How Kejriwal inspired different people to dress differently (Pics)

04, Feb 2016 By  @jurnoleast

A lot has been written about Arvind Kejriwal's dressing sense and we still can't figure out where it will go from here. Muffler and topi are passe', its socks and floaters now. The man exemplifies fashion faux-pas. Let's look at a few influences his dressing sense may have. Like or Dislike, You decide. Kejriwal takes over Matrix: The Matrix has you. But what happens when Kejriwal has the Matrix. Kejriwal dresses up Barney Stinson:  Impeccably dressed from top to bottom Kejriwal as Messi's coach: Men in Black, Grey and White: You definitely need a Neuralyzer (flashy thing) to erase this image from your memory and finally the man himself at the Oscar red carpet