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Vijay Mallya to pose naked for cover page of Playboy India

18, Dec 2009 By  Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. After launching Kingfisher Calendar 2010, Chairman of the United Breweries Group and Kingfisher Airlines Vijay Mallya has taken another great step to help India shine on the global stage by agreeing to strip for the inaugural Indian edition of Playboy, the famous men’s magazine founded by Hugh Hefner. The magazine would hit the stands early next year allowing Mallya’s fans to find intimate details about the business tycoon. With this step, Mallya has become the first Indian, and the first ever business leader in the world, to get featured on the cover page of any edition of Playboy, Indian edition of which would be called, rather tackily, “khelo-beta” in Hindi. It’s yet not clear how the various linguistic groups in India, especially those in Mumbai, would react to this. Commenting on the development, a spokesperson of the UB Group said, “Dr. Mallya has been often compared to Virgin’s Richard Branson, but this bold step has taken Dr. Mallya into an altogether different league, which might not be easily matched by Branson in near future. Also, it’s a moment of pride for all of us Indians. I use this opportunity to congratulate my fellow countrymen.” Dr. Mallya himself was not available for comment as he was quite busy giving final touches to various launch events of Kingfisher Calendar 2010. When asked by Faking News if Dr. Mallya could take another bold step and pose for all the months of the Kingfisher Calendar 2011, the spokesperson smiled and said, “Let’s wait and watch. Nothing can be ruled out!” Meanwhile our special correspondent Vaibhav has found out that Force India, the Formula 1 racing team owned by Vijay Mallya, could have Kingfisher girls riding as cheerleaders on the cars as the machines would whizz past the opponents. The strategy could be to distract rival drivers and slow their speed, but there have been no official word by Force India over this possibility. (Update: 16 November, 2011. Vijay Mallya can do this to solve the liquidity crisis of Kingfisher Airlines.)

Pagal Patrakar