Friday, 3rd April, 2020


Why Salman will make a perfect Goodwill Ambassador for Olympics

25, Apr 2016 By  @jurnoleast

Yogeshwat Dutt may not be happy with IOA's decision to appoint Salman as the goodwill ambassador. Critics say that bhai knows nothing about sports, but we beg to differ. Here are  6 sports that will prove that there can be no better choice than Salman for Olympic ambassador. Wrestling: Check out bhai as he shows some of his wrestling moves Cycling: In kick, Bhai proved that he is not just a good cyclist, but can fight the bad guys with swag.

Weight lifting: For someone who has lifted the weight of entire family including two unemployed brothers, a few tonnes is child's play.
Shooting: Fencing: If you have seen Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, there should be no doubt