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After 10 of 15 Congress MLAs join BJP in Goa, BJP says the other 5 MLAs were demanding popcorn from multiplex that was unaffordable

12, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Panaji. Goa politics is into crisis just like the Karnataka one and here too Congress is on the back foot. 10 out of the 15 Congress MLAs have joined the BJP leaving a question mark over the remaining 5 MLAs. BJP spokesperson gave a clarity on the remaining MLAs and said that they were demanding popcorn from a particular multiplex and that was way out of the budget BJP had in mind.

Goa Congress MLAs chief minister-1562786571

BJP was willing to negotiate all kinds of offers with the Congress MLAs but multiplex popcorn was too hot to handle for them. The BJP local leadership was in touch with the central leadership and no one would help them as the prices of popcorn are bit too high for them. They requested the Congress MLAs to take gold, diamond, cars, flats and other things but the MLAs wanted only and only popcorn.

BJP has made it clear that it has a limited budget for buying MLAs and it cannot extend the budget as it has to save money for other states too. Given the steep hike in popcorn prices over the years, it seems this is the right decision by the BJP.