100 Congress leaders likely to undergo plastic surgery to look like Indira Gandhi

21, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar
New Delhi. Priyanka Gandhi’s arrival to the political fore will soon change the face of Congress and we mean it literally this time. Various Congress leaders are soon going to get under the knife to look like our late PM Indira Gandhi.
But why this ‘surgical’ strike? We asked veteran Congress leader Gulfam Nabi Azad to know more about it. Azad said, “We worked so hard for the Congress party all our lives, right from hearing abuses from people to defending the nuisance spread by Rahul Gandhi, but were never made General Secretaries. Instead, Priyanka Gandhi, who is a political novice, has been made a general secretary just because she looks like her grandmother. So we have decided that we too will change our faces to get a bigger role in the party”.
While Congress seems to have an obvious obsession with the face of Indira because of her history with the party, the BJP has found humor even in such an incident unconnected to its own functioning. BJP spokesperson Sud Trivedi tweeted on this incident and said, “Senior Congressmen are getting plastic surgery done to look like Indira, this will not only make their chances of getting a leadership role bright but will also save them from Robert Vadra in case he decides to grab their lands.”
But the big question that still remains is if the change of face will result in any change in the fortunes of these non-Gandhi Congress leaders. Guess we will have to wait and watch.