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1000s of robots from Russia retweeted #RahulBOTAttack - report

22, Oct 2017 By RT

New Delhi. Thousands of robots from Russia retweeted #RahulBOTAttack, it was learnt by the IT team of OfficeOfRG, amidst the uproar in the TV debates on the same topic. The twitter account of OfficeOfRG has been accused of using BOTs to increase the number of re-tweets to 10s of thousands. The accusation came from the media and BJP amidst Rahul’s tweet supporting a Tamil movie and attacking BJP and the PM in particular.


“When we were tasked with increasing the popularity of OfficeOfRG in social media, we believed in technology. After all, we are the technology wing of the party. It is a lot easier to program and train robots compared to that of people with Twitter accounts. A lot of them do not re-tweet. Even a few who re-tweet, always add a disclaimer saying that the RTs are not endorsements. The BOTs would not only re-tweet but also endorse every tweet” the IT wing head told Faking News.

“The problem with the Twitter account holders is that they think they are the intellectual community of the social media. Following someone like OfficeOfRG is not a fascinating proposition for many such users. Some in BJP always brag that their leader is an unquestionable leader. In the current political conditions in our country, only OfficeOfRG is the unquestionable leader. The BOTs never question, you know” she further added.

“Of course we used the BOTs. How can one get millions of following in just 2 months. In IT, we admit to the tricks. Have you ever seen any programmer denying that 95% his or her code came from systemic Googling?” the IT wing head candidly admitted to the robotic re-tweets.

“We have better following than the BOTs. In fact, our followers are more faithful than the programmed robots. We fondly call them as Bakths” a BJP spokesperson told Faking News.