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11 things that Rahul Gandhi already did before AAP

24, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Reinforcing Rahul Gandhi’s visionary tag, Digvijay Singh cited some incidents that reveal how Congress Vice President’s thinking is way ahead of his time.

Veteran Congress leader blogged few points supporting his recent claim where he said that what AAP is doing now, Rahul Gandhi had already thought about. Talking exclusively to Faking News, he further claimed that Rahul Gandhi had already done many things that AAP is doing now.

Those visionary eyes.
Indeed a visionary leader.

AAP kare to jaanbaz aur baba karein to stuntbaaz?” he rued that not enough credit was being given to Rahul Gandhi.

Later, when Faking News editorial team assessed the merits of Digvijay Singh’s claims, it found a merit in them for a change. We could find 11 things that Rahul Gandhi did before AAP. Here are those (with help from Digvijay Singh):

AAP has defeated Congress in 2013 – But Rahul Gandhi has been doing this since many years, even before AAP was born.

AAP doing door-to-door campaign – How could you possibly forget Rahul’s trademark visit to dalit homes? Don’t you think Rahul’s act inspired Aam Aadmi Party?

AAP humiliating Congress – Rahul Gandhi did it when he mercilessly tore apart the ‘convicted legislator ordinance’. Remembering Ajay Maken’s facial expression at the conference still makes me laugh (Digvijay Singh says).

AAP exposing Vadra – Once Robert Vadra Ji told Sonia Ji that he had donated all his property to a charitable trust. But later, Rahul Ji exposed him by revealing that it was April Fool’s Day prank.

AAP going to public to seek answer of question whenever party is in confusion – If you have noticed, Rahul Gandhi often asks questions from people attending his rallies. Other than that, try to ask him some question, he will ask you the same question.

AAP’s imaginative promises – Rahul Ji often says he will remove poverty and ‘Corruption’ from India. He also dreams.

AAP representing aam aadmi – Rahul Gandhi is leader of aam Congress netas. Yes, we are aam netas, at least inside Congress party, bahut chhote log hain hum.

AAP and Anna have differences – Thanks to Rahul Ji, because of him, we had differences with Anna in 2012 itself.

AAP MLAs not taking special security – Rahul Ji did this experiment back in 2009, when he was bitten by 25 thousand mosquitoes.

AAP MLAs not to use red beacon and travel like aam admi – In 2010, Shri Rahul Gandhi commuted from Andheri to Dadar in a second class compartment, like just another aam aadmi. He even received national child bravery award for that act.

AAP rose to power in record time – Rahul Gandhi rose to power the moment he was born, way faster than AAP.