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90 % R.K. Nagar voters cast vote for NOTA, hoping for another by-election, says exit poll report

24, Dec 2017 By RT

Chennai. 90 % R.K. Nagar voters cast vote for NOTA, hoping for another by-election, says exit poll report. Most of them obviously didn’t know that the second highest vote getter would be declared as a winner, a TV channel political reporter told Faking News.

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“In R.K. Nagar, R in Tamil is the digit 6. K is 1000, as everyone in the connected world knows. So, it is 6k Nagar, for this election. For every vote, it is alleged that a candidate is feeding the voters with Rs. 6000 each. Overall net worth of a voter who is eligible to vote is Rs. 30k to 40k. A few get their jewels recovered from pan shops. Some of them get 2 wheelers. A few good negotiators receive 3 wheelers. Big family package and community packages are also extended” a resident from the richest constituency in the country told Faking News.

“We have carefully collected the Exit poll votes and 90% of them have voted for NOTA. The thought process is very simple. If nobody wins, there will be a by-election again. There will be money again. In fact, the people here hope that next time the political parties will field candidates aged 90+, with fatal ailments, with further life expectancy of only 4 to 6 months. A bypoll every 4 to 6 months will make them financially secure. A NOTA makes sense for them for every by-election” one of the exit poll teams told Faking News.

“The biggest festival in India is elections. We get to celebrate that once in every year at least. Though we feel heartfelt sorry for our candidates who have to shell out money quite often, we like this idea of an election, where a voter is truly a king or queen. Next time, we are going to demand GST for our false promise of voting for a particular symbol” a resident told Faking News.

Learning of this plot, an independent candidate legally changed his name to Nota, and all set to appear in the next elections, it is learnt by Faking News.