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By 2022, I will decide which party I am supporting in 2017 Punjab elections: Navjot Singh Sidhu

14, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Former cricketer, current professional laughter track and part-time politician Navjot Singh Sidhu has assured all his supporters that he will come to a decision regarding 2017 Punjab elections by 2022. Ever since Sidhu resigned from Rajya Sabha, there have been speculations linking him to every party in India but Sidhu hasn’t decided anything yet.

Sidhu announcing his strategy for 2017

Sidhu resigned from Rajya Sabha in July and followed it with his resignation from BJP few weeks later. Initially it was speculated that he will join AAP but he went on to form his own political party called Awaaz E Punjab. After that he announced that his political party will not fight the elections but now rumors are floating that he might join Congress.

“I don’t want to decide anything in a hurry, Jaldi ka kaam shaitaan ka. I want to take my time, evaluate all the options, see what is good for the people of Punjab, and then take a call. I have estimated that it will take me 6 yrs to do all these things so I can say with full confidence that by 2022, I will reach my decision on 2017 elections”, Mr. Sidhu said.

When we asked Mr. Sidhu whether he is still firm on his front not fighting 2017 elections, he said ,”Of course, Awaaz e Punjab will not fight the 2017 elections. However, our front can join another party and use them as the front for our front, understood? So there is a chance that we may fight elections without fighting elections. This will be the ultimate Googly for our opponents which will be a Yorker as well.”

When asked whether he won’t be too late if he makes the decision in 2022, Mr. Sidhu said,”Chai in the cup, cup on the plate, instead of rushing a decision, better to be late. Thoko… Thoko…