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30 thousand foreign tourists reached Delhi in the last one month to enjoy assembly elections: Report

09, Feb 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. As per a report published in a leading newspaper, around thirty thousand foreign tourists have reached Delhi in the last one month, just to enjoy the local assembly elections.

Considering the fact the recently held election was high on entertainment quotient, inflow of tourists in such huge numbers from different parts of the world was not a big surprise for locals.

Just before they broke into cat fight

Reportedly, some travel and tour agents had predicted this phenomenon way back in 2013 assembly elections, when many tourists had extended their stay in order to enjoy the ongoing political drama.

“They left only after Kejriwal’s swearing-in ceremony. But once Kejriwal resigned from the CM post, I immediately mailed them informing about possibility of another such political battle, and as promised they came to Delhi after EC announced election date,” said Bittu Sharma, a local travel agent whose agency is looking after boarding and lodging requirements of 30 tourists.

Bittu says, to increase the fun, they have divided themselves into three groups. “14 of them are supporting AAP and they proudly call themselves AAPtards, while 14, who call themselves Bhakts, are supporting BJP. And another 2, who find Rahul Gandhi too cute are supporting Congress,” Bittu continued.

Tourists confess that aligning themselves with a particular party is helping them to get emotionally involved.

“I can’t tell you how eagerly I am waiting for the final results,” says Andrew Fincher sporting AAP cap and muffler, “I was first introduced to AAP by an auto-waalah, who agreed to go by meter only after I said Khejriwal Zindabad.”

Many foreigners were spotted actively participating in the political debates happening at tea-shops across the city.

“Keep calm and trust Amit Shah,” commented Johnny Cruise from England, when asked about his opinion on the exit polls. Taking a sip of tea, Johnny further revealed that earlier he used to hate tea, but as he was supporting BJP, he had to change his taste.

“My AAP supporter friends were mocking me, raising doubts about my loyalty for Mr. Modi,” Johnny added further, “But it’s really fun to have heated chai pe charchas about politics with friends. Frankly speaking, I am praying for another hung assembly, so that next time I can bring my relatives too.”

Meanwhile, afraid of losing tourists to Delhi, Goa government has requested AAP to start their party activities in Goa too.