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5 ministries that snooped on Rahul Gandhi and their reasons

16, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Faking News has found out that at least 5 miniseries did order a snoop on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for various reasons that could benefit different sections of the society. Here they are:

1. HRD Ministry: HRD ministry confirms that they ordered snooping on Rahul Gandhi as they were in the process to design the perfect curriculum for kindergarten kids. “We wanted to observe what is it that young minds of this country like and prefer, and who better than youth icon Rahul Gandhi himself to study and understand young minds,” confirmed a source from HRD ministry.

2. Finance Ministry: With India struggling to get its act together after economic slowdown, finance ministry was keen to understand how a man with virtually no work and zero income take so many holidays and enjoy so much. “We would then make use of the information thus gathered for under privileged people of the country,” said a close aide of FM, “Poverty truly is a state of mind.”

Jumping the hurdles with elan.
Jumping the hurdles with elan.

3. Sports Ministry: “We were amazed to see at how well Rahul Gandhi crosses hurdles in his path (pics attached). We certainly see a future Olympic gold medalist in him,” Sports Minister revealed why he wanted to snoop on Rahul.

Always taking the path less traveled.
Always taking the path less traveled.

4. Health Ministry: “How could a person look so stress free even during worst of adversities. How could a person afford a smile when the party he is the VP of faces defeat after defeat? Also how could someone remain youth even after crossing 45 years of age. We certainly want to know the secret,” stated a press release from Health Ministry.

“Is he for real?” wondered Health Minsiter

5.  Ministry of Corporate Affairs: Many aspiring to be CEOs had written a letter to the ministry wanting to know the secret of how somebody can keep on getting promotions in his job without doing anything.