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5 more dreams of Rajiv Gandhi discovered

22, Aug 2013 By indianpsycho

Historians confirm that Rajiv Gandhi had a lot of dreams for India. He worked very hard to see those dreams, but very few are well documented. A hard disk found in Amethi (where most of the people have no idea about what a hard disk is) has revealed some hitherto unknown dreams of Rajiv Gandhi.

Faking News lists 5 of the 1.603 trillion dreams stored in a text file. These 5 dreams have come true:

Rajiv Gandhi
File Picture of Rajiv Gandhi minutes before he dozed off to his trillionth dream.

1. It was Rajiv Gandhi’s dream to see Chennai Express collect more than 200 crores at the box office. He wanted the economy of India to grow at any cost and knew Bollywood would play a major role in it. Hence way back in 1987, Rajiv Gandhi dreamt of a Bollywood where meaningful Hindi films would roll out week after week, each vying to outdo another and help the aam aadmi forget the disaster that may face the nation. Rajiv Gandhi had also dreamt of an adarshwadi man who would relentlessly give 4 stars to such films. Ironically, his namesake Rajeev Masand is not that man.

2. Rajiv Gandhi dreamt of a Mumbai where everyone has affordable housing. This dream was dreamt after every family in India got a Maruti car for itself. To make sure the car was not too far from the house, these pieces of land have been strategically placed on roads. Sadly some dumb anti-social saffron elements call them potholes and fail to appreciate Rajiv Gandhi’s dream.

3. Rajiv Gandhi had to spend major part of his day explaining Hindi to Sonia Gandhi. Therefore he had a vision for India where language wouldn’t be a barrier while communicating. This vision has come true as youth today, led by youth icon Rahul Gandhi, today express their thoughts through ROFL, AWOL, etc. and the time thus saved is being utilized in adding foreign girls on Facebook. The current Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is also result of that dream.

4. Rajiv Gandhi had a vision of an India where people would have freedom of speech and it is because this that we see people like Digvijay Singh and Manish Tewari. Unfortunately some of them have taken undue advantage of this dream and post statuses on Facebook, mock government in their bills, and indulge in protests at Jantar Mantar and India Gate. Some have even gone to the extent of attacking PM on Independence Day by giving a speech.

5. Rajiv Gandhi dreamt of a young India which feels young and behaves young whatever its age may be under the “Rajiv Gandhi 90 saal tak youth icon rahunga yojna” but some people have started mocking a 43 year toddler for realizing that dream.