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50% of the announced roads constructed by the time Finance Ministry finished the presentation

25, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Finance ministry on Tuesday announced major infrastructure projects that would be taken up in the coming days which included 34,800 kms of roads to be built and it will see investment of Rs. 5, 35,000 crores over next five years. In fact the ministry took the media through a number of slides just like a B-School students presents his final subject presentation. The presentation went on and on with lots of announcements for various sectors. In fact Faking News found that by the time Jaitley and his team finished the presentation, 50 % of the announced roads were already constructed.


The presentation was very detailed with separate slides for separate sectors. Every team member got an opportunity to present 4-5 slides. There was equal distribution just the way how B-School students divide their presentation parts just the day before their final presentation in front of the class. The thank you slide was well made and it was the slide whole media was waiting for as they were too tired of the long presentation. The ‘Any Questions?’ slide generated least amount of interest as by the time this slide got displayed, 90 % of the journalists were fast asleep. One thing the finance ministry missed out was the ‘urprise test’ round where they could have actually asked question to media based on the presentation. This way they could have arrived upon the number of people actually paying attention during the ppt.

Arun Jaitley ji has promised that in future also such detailed ppts will be conducted so that people are aware of India’s financial condition and also they know about the way forward. faking News also found some college students downloading the ppt from the finance ministry website and using them directly for their presentations on finance subjects, and well, scoring good marks too.