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500 chickens in Thane participate in a flash mob to celebrate meat ban

08, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

Thane: Around 500 Chickens, who came from various poultry farms in Thane, participated in a flash mob to celebrate meat ban.

chicken flash mob
A chicken flash mob

Ashish the rooster, who organized the flash mob, spoke to Faking News amidst a sea of chickens that gyrated to latest bollywood numbers. 

“We all are very happy with the meat ban. Few extra days to live mean a lot to us. So we are celebrating. I thank the Jain community for this favor. Some people say that it is politics, but we don’t care,” he said.

It was not just a chicken affair, media also was present and doing their best to manufacture something that could garner TRPs. Social media too was abuzz with the news as #chickenflashmob dominated the trending topic in India.

While there were celebrations all around in different poultry farms, a group of chicken was seen standing in a corner and protesting, hoping that the media would turn their cameras at the group.

The most vocal of the lot, wearing a muffler and topi was seen raising slogans against Shiv Sena chief for not supporting the ban. “I am wondering who is better at taking U-turns, is it Uddhav Thackeray or CM of Delhi.” he screamed.

They were also planning pre-emptive protest against a news anchor, who they believe would take up the issue of ‘meat ban’ on his debate and give it a religious twist.

“Our brothers are on the job and they are planning to gatecrash the debate. All we ask for is a few days reprieve and even that does not go down well with some people,” he said.

Meanwhile, some chickens that were picked up before the meat ban was announced were hopeful that they would get a day’s reprieve. “I was headed for KFC, but now with this meat ban, I am looking forward to going back home. Hopefully the authorities will work extra time and clear my case too, like they did for Bhai.”