95% hotel reviews in Maharashtra have been written by MLAs in last 2 weeks: Faking Survey

25, Nov 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Maharashtra politics has been taking interesting turns in the last 2-3 weeks. It is not at all surprising that 95 % of hotel reviews in Maharashtra are written by the MLAs and not general tourists. MLAs from all parties have been staying at hotels and traveling from one hotel to another.

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In their free time, they have become full-time hotel reviewers. In fact, the words and phrases that they use are so difficult even for a normal reviewer to use.

Faking News survey found that all sophisticated reviews are written by the MLAs so that they get even better service when they return to the hotel after the next election. It is becoming a norm in India that after an election, the MLA or MP goes straight to a hotel or a chartered flight. BJP MLAs were so scared of Amit Shah’s visit to Mumbai that they also chose a hotel to hide, it was only later did they realize that Amit Shah is coming to buy the NCP MLAs and not the BJP MLAs.

The hotel business in Maharashtra alone is growing by 30% and it will increase even further if the government is not formed quickly. Hotels are offering MLA suites to all parties where any opposition Leader cannot reach you on phone or email.