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A Raja consulting experts to find out the right time to fall ill

03, Feb 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Former telecom minister and DMK’s propaganda secretary A Raja is consulting a team of experts to find an appropriate time when he could fall ill and get shifted to a cozy hospital from the current CBI custody. CBI had arrested A Raja and two of his colleagues yesterday in connection with the 2G scam, which never took place according to the new telecom minister Kapil Sibal.

Raja and his colleagues were sent into a five day remand of CBI by the Patiala House court earlier today, which led Raja to plan meticulously for his ill being. According to sources, a team of lawyers, doctors, and astrologers have been summoned to the DMK office in Chennai, where calculations are going on in full swing to find the “right way” for Raja to get ill.

A Raja
A Raja is seen a little distressed here when he was produced in a court; he could fall ill soon

“It should look natural, even though there have been a trend of politicians falling ill when arrested,” said Dr. Illhuaraja, who is leading the scientific research team to help the former honorable cabinet minister out of his miseries.

DMK chief Dr. Karunanidhi, who is not a medical doctor otherwise, too was seen concerned and busy as he googled for “major causes of heart attack”. Other doctors reportedly asked the party head to “go easy” and relax while they analyzed the medical history of A Raja to come up with a plausible excuse.

Although a rationalist party, DMK sources indicate that even a team of astrologers are working overtime to find a good muhurat (auspicious time) when Raja could suddenly complain of a chest pain, stomachache, high blood pressure, or something random in the next few days.

“Two grams of gold dust in a small black bag full of vibhuti (holy ash) has already been delivered to Mr. Raja,” informed Swami Swanitechanand, who confirmed that 2-Grams of gold referred to the 2G episode and was expected to shield Raja.

“Kalaignar doesn’t want to take any risk,” a DMK sources said, “He even tried calling Niira Radia, but her phone was switched off.”

The team of experts is expected to conclude their research and submit their report to Dr. Karunanidhi by tomorrow morning, after which A Raja would be advised by the party chief to take “appropriate” steps.