Aadhar registration is still voluntary: PM Narendra Modi

16, Jun 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has spoken to the nation today even though it is neither the last Sunday of the month nor was there anything to be banned. He made this sudden speech to assure the citizens of India that Aadhar card is still totally voluntary and nobody will be forced to get an Aadhar card against his/her will.

Totally voluntary

Addressing the nation, PM Modi said ,”We may have made Aadhar mandatory for each and every thing but still, having an Aadhar is not mandatory. In coming days, we may allow you to breathe only if you have an Aadhar, we are working on the technology for that, but still, it will never be mandatory. It is totally up to you whether you want to get an Aadhar or not.”

Also addressing concerns about illegal immigrants getting Aadhar cards, PM Modi said ,”We know that some illegal immigrants have also managed to get an Aadhar but you shouldn’t worry, Aadhar is not a proof of citizenship so they are still illegal. They may derive other benefits from Indian government through Aadhar but they will never have our coveted citizenship. You should not worry about any hacker getting your personal information as well. Before any hacker gets to the data, our competent government officials will themselves put all the data up on a public website, trust their competence.”

Meanwhile, Government has dismissed the rumour that in future, kids will be allowed to take birth only if their Aadhar has been prepared while they were in their mothers’ wombs.