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Aam Aadmi Party changes its name to "Honest Party"

04, Feb 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Just few days before elections, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has announced that from now on, Aam Aadmi Party would be known as ‘Honest Party’.

Speaking to the media, Kejariwal said, “We were using the name Aam Aadmi Party for the past two years. But now, with us ruling the Delhi, I think we need to upgrade our party name and give it a new touch. Earlier this month, I started a campaign called ‘I fund honest party’. Though we got two crores out of that fund raiser, many complained that they were confused over a new ‘Honest Party’. Maybe, our well-wishers were expecting to donate for Aam Aadmi party and our volunteers went with Honest Party banners for chanda and this might have confused them. ”

Even the Google says it right

After a cough once, he continued, “That is why we met with all the volunteers and top brass of AAP. And we discussed for hours and everyone decided to keep the party name as AAP itself. They said that the name AAP has stayed and will stay in politics forever and so a name-change will be a disaster. That is why,  I have decided to change the party name from Aam Aadmi Party to Honest Party. We will do the name change after February 10, so that voters don’t get confused. Eventhough voters know that Honest Party can be only AAP, yet why give room for chotta parties like BJP to misuse that title ji?”

An AAP volunteer was seen celebrating the name change. She said, “Everytime, we used to claim that we are the only honest party. But from today, we are Honest Party, literally. No other political party in the world is Honest Party except us. Even if the dirty tricks department throws false allegations against us, we can say to the world that we are Honest Party. And even the journos of the world will sympathize with us by putting headlines that ‘Modi is trying to target Honest Party’. This is a win-win situation and a masterstroke by our CM. ”

We saw few AAP leaders canvassing for the “biggest event of this millennium” – Delhi elections. One of them was asked by an old lady, “Why should we vote for you?” to which one leader replied, “We are Honest Party.” And then the lady said, “Then, we will surely vote for the honest party.”

Meanwhile, with the allegations of illegal funds transfer of 2 crores surfacing against AAP, we spoke with a Delhi voter.

He said, “Imagine.. If AAP can make non-existent companies to donate amount as high as fifty lakhs, then how much they can do to existing companies? Every aam aadmi in Delhi will become khaas aadmi in 5 years, if you make those 5 years as Paanch Saal Kejariwal. This is the real achche din for Delhi. Previously I was in doubt, but now no doubt, I will vote for AAP only.”