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AAP asks people to donate money for the construction of donation office

29, Dec 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The AAP on Wednesday made an appeal for donation to those who were “angry” at Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal not being invited to the launch of Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line. “Delhi CM wasn’t invited for Metro Magenta Line inauguration. If you are angry (then) donate,” a post on party’s Facebook page read. And the party has promised that with the donation they receive, they will construct a proper donation office with latest technology to keep proper records of the donations. Now this really is innovative thinking at its best. The current donations are not being tracked properly leaving too much room for malpractices.


From its inception, AAP has projected itself as an austerity driven organization, which spends only the amount which is required. Constructing a donation office from taxpayers money would be gross injustice to the hard earned money of citizens, so it makes sense that voluntary donations be converted to the required infrastructure. Kejriwal has urged people to come out in numbers and donate for this noble cause, because the current donations will make the future donations more transparent and trustworthy.

There was a long queue outside AAP office today with people coming in large numbers and donating money for this noble cause. Currently as no gadgets or computers are used to record the donations, Kejriwal is himself giving selfies with the donor to keep it as future record in case of discrepancy. Now this is so humble of the Delhi CM, if only the other CMs in the country were so thoughtful about the taxpayer’s money. The donation office will be constructed in 2018 and the premises will be well maintained in proportion to the donation received. Generous the donation, more tech savvy the office.