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AAP claims coming back to life of Chandra Mohan Sharma a proof that God is with AAP

28, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After failing to disassociate itself with the then-dead-now-alive RTI activist turned AAP member Chandra Mohan Sharma, AAP now claims that his coming back to life is a proof enough that god is with AAP and its members.

Rubbishing the reports that Chandra Mohan faked his death, party chief Arvind Kejriwal called it a ‘divine intervention that the RTI activist was among us today’.

“Bhaiyon uparwala hamaare saath hai”

“It is a miracle. Tell me one person who survived after being burnt to death. This proves that god/allah/bhagwan/waheguru is with us, and I appeal to Delhi voters to respect god and his wishes by voting for us whenever the elections happen,” Kejriwal argued as he warned Delhiites to ignore God’s wishes at their own peril.

Kejriwal showed Faking News this picture to show how Chandra Mohan Sharma was an active member of AAP, and how AAP’s candle march helped him being brought back to life.

When asked why did they earlier try to distance themselves from Sharma and claim he was not party’s member, Kejriwal shot back, “This is fact proves that we are not publicity hungry people. We just wanted logic to take its own course and did not in any way want undue media attention. But my conscience did not allow me to keep my fellow compatriots in dark for too long. Hence I decided to tell them the truth.”

Kejriwal further did not see anything wrong in Sharma being spotted in Nepal.

“What’s wrong in that? On the contrary we are glad that not just in India, but our selfless and dedicate members are now fighting for Swaraj and spreading core values of the party in other countries as well,” Kejriwal told our reporter.

This reporter later asked party leader Ashutosh for his comments on Chandra Mohan Sharma cheating death.

“Why are you using the term ‘cheating’? Are you Mudi agent?” Ashutosh retorted.

“Arvind Kejariwal is beautiful like Taj Mahal, and Chandra Mohan has Moon in his name. Taj Mahal needs Moon for its beauty. Ignore Mohan as India is a secular country. And RSS should be banned,” he concluded.