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AAP demands royalty from BJP over holding dharna

08, May 2014 By indianpsycho

Varanasi. BJP’s plan to stage dharna today over Narendra Modi being denied permission to hold rally at Beniabagh, could run into trouble.

According to fresh reports from Varanasi, top brass of AAP has demanded royalty from BJP leaders claiming they hold the exclusive rights to protest, perform satyagraha and create chaos in the system, since it is their brainchild.

“It is our intellectual property and this cheap attempt to plagiarize it by fascist Modi amounts to copyright infringement,” Ashutosh tweeted leaving all his followers grammatically stunned.

AAP denied they were doing it out of desperation to come into limelight and claimed they were pretty serious about it as it is a form of corruption.

A BJP supporter seen here trying to plagiarize even the muffler wearing style of Kejriwal.
A BJP supporter seen here trying to plagiarize even the muffler wearing style of Kejriwal.

“What if all of a sudden we start talking about development and progress instead of secularism, subsidies and other useless things? Will they not claim violation of their intellectual property rights?” angrily asked a usually restrained Yogendra Yadav.

When our reporter pointed out that it was Mahatma Gandhi who brought Dharna culture in India, a vociferous AAP supporter shot back, “Though this information that Gandhiji had also copied our idea and performed dharna puts a serious question mark over his integrity and honesty, but let me make it clear whoever may have done it before us but it was us who made it mainstream.”

Reacting to AAP’s demand, BJP said there is no question of them paying them any royalty but at the same time sought help from experienced AAP volunteers and leaders in staging a successful dharna at BHU.

“We wont give them any royalty but we can employ and pay them suitably for using their expertise and services in ensuring a smooth and successful dharna, if they are interested,” said Arun Jiately.

“They are pro at it. This is what they have done all their life. Simply put they are Masters of Dharnology. We believe in working together and feel can benefit a lot from their experience,” Jaitely explained the reason behind his invitation to AAP.

Meanwhile Kejriwal has appealed to Varanasi voters to not get influenced by falling for BJP’s cheap tactics.

“We are the genuine dharna doers. All this drama by BJP is hogwash. We promise much more dharnas, in fact a dharna a day if voted to power,” Kejriwal said as he made some last minute changes to AAP’s manifesto.